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MLS# Status City / Area Property Type Price
 3247610Active Little Egg Harbor Twp. Commercial$3,300,000 
 3262215Active Bound Brook Boro Commercial$1,200,000 
 3262249Active Bound Brook Boro Commercial$800,000 
 3238154Active Elizabeth City Residential$714,000 
 3254722Active Elizabeth City Residential$649,000 
 3252995Active Elizabeth City Commercial$529,000 
 3268005Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$492,000 
 3216734Active Elizabeth City Residential$465,000 
 3247098Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$449,000 
 3264758Active Hillside Twp. Residential$434,900 
 3255257Active Linden City Commercial$434,900 
 3247220Active Roselle Park Boro Residential$420,000 
 3251675Active Union Twp. Residential$419,900 
 3162572Active Hillside Twp. Residential$419,000 
 3185942Active Hillside Twp. Residential$418,900 
 3265818Active Jersey City Multi-Family$400,000 
 3251842Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$399,000 
 3180769Active Union Twp. Multi-Family$395,000 
 3258346Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$375,000 
 3208676Active West Orange Twp. Residential$369,000 
 3265711Active Hillside Twp. Residential$360,000 
 3264315Active Union Twp. Residential$359,900 
 3264045Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$349,900 
 3230886Active Union Twp. Residential$349,900 
 3264198Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$349,000 
 3256485Active Elizabeth City Residential$339,900 
 3237819Active Bloomfield Twp. Multi-Family$339,000 
 3241682Active Bound Brook Boro Residential$329,900 
 3209695Active Washington Boro Multi-Family$325,000 
 3176065Active Hillside Twp. Residential$319,000 
 3257494Active Elizabeth City Residential$314,900 
 3198308Active Elizabeth City Residential$309,900 
 3256528Active Edison Twp. Residential$308,900 
 3198501Active Elizabeth City Residential$304,900 
 3242068Active Elizabeth City Residential$299,999 
 3236084Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$299,900 
 3230942Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$299,900 
 3206325Active Perth Amboy City Commercial$299,000 
 3220280Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$299,000 
 3246071Active Springfield Twp. Residential$289,900 
 3258055Active Linden City Residential$285,000 
 3212005Active Hillside Twp. Residential$279,900 
 2897725Active North Arlington Boro Residential$275,000 
 3104245Active Rahway City Residential$275,000 
 3243251Active Elizabeth City Residential$274,900 
 3254439Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$274,900 
 3252038Active Elizabeth City Residential$272,900 
 3242230Active Elizabeth City Residential$270,000 
 3194333Active Hillside Twp. Residential$270,000 
 3189674Active Hillside Twp. Residential$269,000 
 3260237Active Elizabeth City Residential$264,900 
 3227776Active Hillside Twp. Residential$262,900 
 3252228Active Union Twp. Residential$261,000 
 3249982Active Elizabeth City Residential$259,900 
 3240292Active Hillside Twp. Residential$259,000 
 3267260Active Union Twp. Residential$259,000 
 3251848Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$250,000 
 3069593Active Belleville Twp. Multi-Family$249,999 
 3249720Active Union Twp. Residential$249,900 
 3250854Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$249,000 
 3267650Active Linden City Residential$249,000 
 3190200Active Elizabeth City Residential$244,000 
 3202778Active Hillside Twp. Residential$239,900 
 3200074Active Hillside Twp. Residential$239,000 
 3267194Active Plainfield City Residential$239,000 
 3170982Active Linden City Multi-Family$239,000 
 3234857Active Bloomfield Twp. Residential$234,999 
 3227679Active Roselle Boro Residential$225,000 
 3211825Active Newark City Multi-Family$225,000 
 3211443Active Elizabeth City Residential$219,900 
 3256524Active Plainfield City Residential$219,900 
 3191240Active Elizabeth City Residential$215,000 
 3263344Active Rahway City Residential$210,000 
 3260310Active Monroe Twp. Residential$202,000 
 3200076Active South Plainfield Boro Residential$200,000 
 3190558Active Hillside Twp. Residential$199,000 
 3114968Active Elizabeth City Residential$199,000 
 3208192Active Irvington Twp. Multi-Family$199,000 
 3217548Active Newark City Multi-Family$199,000 
 3252168Active Englewood City Residential$199,000 
 3231768Active Elizabeth City Residential$195,000 
 3246529Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$190,000 
 3188533Active Elizabeth City Residential$189,000 
 3266828Active Hillside Twp. Residential$189,000 
 3253254Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$185,000 
 3266908Active Woodbridge Twp. Residential$183,900 
 3236391Active Elizabeth City Residential$179,999 
 3255955Active Newark City Commercial$165,000 
 3263063Active Carteret Boro Residential$165,000 
 3265395Active Roselle Park Boro Residential$165,000 
 3265529Active Linden City Residential$162,200 
 3224214Active Little Falls Twp. Residential$160,000 
 3262023Active Rahway City Commercial$159,900 
 3255920Active Linden City Residential$150,000 
 3262568Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$149,900 
 3261633Active Rahway City Residential$149,000 
 3200550Active Elizabeth City Land$135,000 
 3227420Active Elizabeth City Land$120,000 
 3188399Active Plainfield City Residential$116,100 
 3257421Active Roselle Boro Residential$114,400 
 3260710Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$112,475 
 3216078Active South Amboy City Residential$109,000 
 3213589Active North Bergen Twp. Residential$100,000 
 3260689Active Keansburg Boro Residential$100,000 
 3215364Active Manville Boro Residential$99,000 
 3262544Active Newark City Multi-Family$93,900 
 3265044Active Linden City Residential$90,000 
 3260368Active Elizabeth City Multi-Family$84,995 
 3262555Active Elizabeth City Residential$71,900 
 3119900Active Elizabeth City Commercial$70,000 
 3211552Active Newark City Multi-Family$69,000 
 3245854Active Linden City Land$69,000 
 3264220Active Newark City Residential$64,500 
 3261111Active Newark City Multi-Family$59,900 
 3246737Active Elizabeth City Residential$59,000 
 3268072Active East Orange City Residential$58,000 
 3257099Active Irvington Twp. Residential$45,000 
 3267303Active Newark City Multi-Family$40,900 
 3267316Active Hillside Twp. Multi-Family$29,000 
 3248791Active Newark City Residential$25,900 
 3189349Active Newark City Land$19,000 
 3202018Active Irvington Twp. Land$9,900 
 3202026Active Irvington Twp. Land$9,900 
 3202034Active East Orange City Land$9,900 
 3254983Active Little Egg Harbor Twp. Commercial$4,500 
 3221462Active Elizabeth City Commercial$3,400 
 3186962Active Elizabeth City Commercial$3,200 
 3258224Active Elizabeth City Rental$3,200 
 3251509Active Hillside Twp. Commercial$2,950 
 3254990Active Little Egg Harbor Twp. Commercial$2,500 
 3254982Active Little Egg Harbor Twp. Commercial$2,500 
 3198310Active Elizabeth City Rental$2,400 
 3266425Active Hillside Twp. Rental$2,150 
 3265727Active Elizabeth City Rental$2,100 
 3191468Active Elizabeth City Commercial$2,000 
 3251400Active Hillside Twp. Commercial$1,950 
 3251037Active Cranford Twp. Rental$1,850 
 3204551Active Elizabeth City Rental$1,650 
 3204555Active Elizabeth City Rental$1,650 
 3252526Active Linden City Rental$1,500 
 3264636Active Elizabeth City Rental$1,500 
 3264855Active Elizabeth City Rental$1,400 
 3266729Active Millburn Twp. Rental$1,395 
 3255094Active Newark City Rental$1,350 
 3259669Active Roselle Boro Rental$1,265 
 3255100Active Newark City Rental$1,250 
 3251416Active Hillside Twp. Commercial$1,250 
 3256360Active Hillside Twp. Commercial$1,100 
 3261337Active Hillside Twp. Rental$1,050 
 3251511Active Hillside Twp. Rental$995 
 3256368Active Hillside Twp. Rental$900 
 3256379Active Hillside Twp. Rental$900 
 3186876Active Elizabeth City Commercial$850 
 3266414Active Elizabeth City Rental$800 
 3251513Active Hillside Twp. Rental$795 
 3241368Active Elizabeth City Rental$650 
 3263013Active Newark City Rental$450 
 3251749Active Hillside Twp. Commercial$395 
 3263002Active Newark City Rental$300 

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